The Event

An event thirteen years in the making! Thank you for joining us.


This is not your typical wedding video - rather an abstract "short film around a live event" inspired by the likes of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick. The Circle is Now Complete was filmed at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas and at an actual Star Wars location in Death Valley National Park. A proprietary slow-motion camera at 1000-1250 frames per second was used to captured some of the imagery.

We wanted a cinematic journey that fit our personalities as well as our love for our favorite movies. There are no boring speeches, sappy embraces or chicken dances. We didn't want to take ourselves too seriously.

Our ceremony was held at Caesars Palace,
Las Vegas on Saturday May 4th.

See our minimalist 'Death Star' cake being destroyed by the Rebel Alliance and the wedding guests here.

All of our guests signed our movie poster style "guest book". But few knew that they were being filmed! See the poster time lapse here.


We were honored to have our live event captured forever through the talented eyes of Jerry Metellus. Jerry's contagious smile and endless inspiration touched all of us. Flip through our book below and relive our day with us!