The Rings

"I asked her if she 'chose wisely'... I then looked at Aimée and said, 'I chose wisely.'"

A few days before November, 11, 2011 (11.11.11), my girlfriend Aimée wanted to do something special (hint, hint). So, I decided to look for an engagement ring. Before I knew it, 11.11.11 came around and I had no ring! What to do?! With Aimée being an enthusiastic Indiana Jones fan, I decided to surprise her with an old ring box. But, when she opened the box, there was no engagement ring - just a bag of sand! I told her, "Indiana Jones must have swooped in and stolen the 'treasure.'" Little did she know, the bag of sand was a ploy to buy me time to find the perfect ring.

Looking around at jewelry stores and seeing the same thing over and over convinced me to do something special. Then it hit me - the idea of a coiled whip as the ring seemed perfect. I did a few drawings and found a custom jeweler in Las Vegas. Her favorite color is yellow, so I selected a fancy yellow diamond which also represented "The Idol."

The question now is - how do I present the ring? Hours before a flight to London, I quickly made a custom box out of a 1920's steel soap bar container using molding clay to create the look of ancient ruins inside. In London, I presented the box mixed with 4 different antique boxes. With the theme of "You must choose wisely..." from the finale of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I used a clever magician's trick to make her "select" the correct box. I asked her if she "chose wisely". I opened her selected box revealing "The Whip". I then looked at Aimée and said, "I chose wisely." Homer Liwag



Photos of the the whip were posted on the popular social website,, and got almost 3 million views in 3 days! The engagement story was also featured on the Today Show's website as well as dozens of popular blogs on the internet. After Homer's Star Wars inspired ring was finished, both rings made several lists of top geekiest wedding rings.

A true story… On 11.11.11, when I had only minutes to spare before revealing the "bag of sand in a box," I decided to do some last minute art direction. As Aimée was waiting to go out to dinner, I grabbed a random, old paper back book from my parent's house. I quickly ripped out pages from the book and frantically lined the box with the torn pages. I threw the bag of sand in the box, hid the whole package under my jacket and went out to dinner. A few days later I noticed something strange about the inside of the box. Out of all the ripped pages from the book lining the box, only 1 set of numbers was visible. The numbers 111.