The Story

What do you get when an Indiana Jones fan from New Jersey meets a
Star Wars aficionado from Cincinnati?

We are still trying to figure that one out. All we know is that there are lots of strange movie props around the house and our little dog, Sake, ends up with silly costumes on Halloween.

We first met at Caesars Palace on October 31st, 1999. I decided to make it all official at the same location, some 13 plus years later. A leap of faith perhaps. The circle is now complete.


My name is Homer. My father named me after Winslow Homer the painter - not the Greek Poet and not the cartoon. I was born in Montreal, grew up in Cincinnati, now in Vegas. I've been fortunate to spend the last 20 years traveling the world, designing and inventing the future of magic with David Copperfield. People have coined the term, "Homer-ize," which I'm told means, "to make things better." Honestly, I just don't want anyone I work for to ever look bad, including myself.

Many know I like Star Wars. But don't ask me any trivia because I like Star Wars for the design and art direction. I often have a yearning to draw and create and don't like doing things the way everyone else does. I used to have 23 hobbies and I wanted to be great at everything. Recently, I realized that I need to focus and now my eye is on photography and cinematography. I like pictures. I like pictures that matter. I've only just begun.


I'm Aimée Reich. There's an accent over the first "e" because it's fun. New Jersey is where I grew up. My favorite color is yellow - like a Twiggy dress, my Mini Cooper or my handbag. I like to do paintings of cute things as well as sew cute things. My favorite food is tuna, especially when it's under cooked… undercooked a lot... ok, raw. I guess you would call that sashimi. Of course the occasional "schnippel" at Yogurtland is a must. My Toy Fox Terrier, Sake, loves traveling quietly in my shoulder bag. Sometimes you don't even know she's there. I love vintage travel nostalgia and if I'm watching tv it's either Indiana Jones or Little House on the Prairie. My art room is full of Indiana Jones prop replicas that i've sculpted or made from scratch. I have a whip, but it's on my finger (see ring).

My favorite holiday is Halloween and I love carving unique pumpkins and making costumes for Sake. If I could meet one person it would be Amelia Earhart because I love her strive for adventure. Or George Lucas.


My name is Chris Kenner - yes, like the toy company (the original Star Wars action figure maker). I have the exact same name as a famous jazz musician – but the difference is black and white. I have made $#@! happen for my friend David Copperfield since 1992. Some say I speak a strange "blueish" language. I don't know what the cheesecake/tv guide/Chester Johnson/$@!! sweat they are talking about. As a youngster, I was on Soul Train and Dance Fever. Now, I waste my money shopping at Tom Ford. I collect James Bond posters and playing cards, but I'm most proud of my secret "nerd" room (full of lightsabers and movie props), which makes Homer jealous.

I probably know Homer better than anyone else. At least that's what I want him to believe. I like keeping him nervous. Some say that we both sound the same when we talk. Probably because we've been great friends since we met in 1987. That's a long time. And I wish Homer and Aimée happiness for a long time. Butternuts.


Hi, I'm Allison Reich and I am the Identical twin sister of Aimee Reich. Born and raised in New Jersey, a few years ago I moved to Vegas to live a few blocks from my dear sister. I've been illustrating with my computer and designing websites for as long as I can remember. I'm also a huge nerd who loves gaming while watching fun shows on the SyFy channel or any big budget special effects films! I'm a long-time fan of the original Nikita tv show and often imagine myself on secret assignment, dressed in leather, wielding a gun. Watch out!

Recently I rescued an adorable little Chihuahua who I named Macy - because it reminds me of NYC and because it is just an awesome name.

She is my best friend in the whole world and I am so excited for my twin sis!